Thanks for visiting our testimonial page. Here is a selection of what some of our current and active customers say about Power & Performance Air, the service we provide and quality of support that they receive.

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for a job well done. I pray God will bless you abundantly for your honesty and integrity. The two men that worked on my a/c were very hard workers and handled themselves professionally. They worked very late without complaint. I know their families sacrificed also. Should I ever come across anyone who needs a/c heat work, I will highly recommend your company.

- Guillermo Dekat, customer

Your technician took care of the problem in the most affordable way. He did a thorough check-up on the system & even told me that there was a problem with the heating part of the system but that could be taken care of later on. I agreed to call your company in the fall to have the system looked at again.

- Kris Chase, customer

I had called another air conditioning service company, which has sent me a flyer in the mail, to service the system at my home. The system was blowing out cold air but within and hour would stop. The company performed a maintenance check and advises me that the coil needed to be either "cleaned" or "replaced" but that they wouldn't know until "we get in there." They provided me with an estimate and suggested I call back if I wanted the work performed. I then saw your ad in the yellow pages, took the time to call you & personally spoke to you. I am glade I did because your company has been the only company that has been straight up & honest with me.

- Kevin Jones, customer

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